Latest in Customization: Prada Sunglasses

It wasn’t too long ago that we brought you news of customizable chocolate bars as the latest in a long line of products that you can personalize in this day and age, and now designer sunglasses have been added to the list of items you can make your own.

A new collection of shades from Prada will come complete with tiny letter, number and symbol squares that can be inserted into the sides of the frames where the brand’s logo normally sits. There is a heart, a star, a dollar sign and an exclamation point among other characters, and you can use them in any combination you want, if of course you have the $365 to spend on a pair of these sunglasses. {The Cut}

Sunglass Hut will have them on sale in black, tortoiseshell and white. The earpieces come apart to allow insertion of the personalization characters, but you can choose only two to put in each earpiece at a time. {stylemebad}

What do you think – are customizable shades cool or too teeny bopper? Do you like them but have no interest in paying $365 for something as fragile as sunglasses? We’re not sure what to make of it, but don’t think it will be a big enough hit and pump up Prada’s sales. Let us know your thoughts!

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