LED Fronts Create a ‘Party in Your Mouth’: If Everyone Jumped

  When the Japanese came out with anti-aging goggles, we didn’t really see them catching on as a worldwide trend, but the latest fashion accessory to emerge in Japan may just be the next big thing, especially among celebrities like Marilyn Manson, Method Man and Kanye West.

The New York Times reported this week that multi-colored, glowing LED lights as fronts for teeth are fast becoming a hot commodity in Japan. The LED fronts were originally conceived as an experiment by Japanese designers Motoi Ishibashi and Datio Manabe, but now they have been featured in a commercial for the clothing store Laforet Harajuku.

This type of grill looks best at night or in dark rooms (obviously), and its color can be changed using a wireless computer interface. Interestingly, the designers don’t appear to be selling this new-fangled accessory, but have been hosting workshops to teach others how to build their own LED fronts. Mark our words, it’s only a matter of time before some company decides to send a bunch of light-mouthed people out with advertisements flashing across their teeth.

Our favorite part of this, though, is that Ishibashi and Manabe created a video about their product called “Party in Your Mouth.” We’ll have to regretfully decline the invite, thanks.

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