Over the Heart On Your Sleeve? Try Bones on Your Wrists: If Everyone Jumped

What is with body parts suddenly becoming appropriate to wear as fashion? First Lady Gaga turns the world on to wearing raw meat, and now apparently bone-inspired pieces are being sold as accessories.

This morning, Elle Accessories posted photos of Shaun Leane gold and silver vertebrae ball bracelets, so you can wear a spine around your wrist if you want to. We have to admit the irony of using body parts as clothes and accessories is kind of interesting, but visible bones are a bit creepy. And we don’t want them crawling around our arms all day. Sure skulls and crossbones can be kind of cool and rocker-ish, and the gold and silver take some of the morbid edge off, but that is where the line needs to be drawn. Unless it’s Halloween, or you’re a 14-year-old going through a goth phase.

If you disagree, or you want to luxe up your Halloween costume, you can get one of these pieces of fine jewelry here for about 1,162 U.S. dollars.

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