Kim Kardashian Covers W Magazine With Naked Ambition

Given her penchant for tight minidresses, Kim Kardashian is an unlikely choice to be the cover model for a high brow fashion mag. Stefano Tonchi, W‘s recently installed editor-in-chief, has already expressed interest in covering unlikely choices for the magazine though, so perhaps the former Playboy cover model shouldn’t be so surprising.

Covered in silver body paint from the neck down, Kardashian receives top billing for the “Art Issue” featuring collage artist Barbara Kruger (who’s likely responsible for the “It’s all about me” words covering Kim K. on the cover), architect and artist Daniel Liebeskind, mixed media artist Ryan Trecartin, photographer Juergen Teller and revered surrealist painter Salvador Dali. Oh yeah, Johnny Knoxville and Pee Wee Herman also made the issue.

It’s doubtful that Johnny Knoxville would have any problems appearing nude, Pee Wee Herman probably has a legal restriction preventing him from doing so, but judging by the cover list, it seems Tonchi made the right choice with Kardashian. Obviously, a reality TV star who became famous on the back of a sex tape scandal appearing naked in body paint isn’t what most people would consider art – and perhaps, that’s the point. Oh, and to sell magazines obviously.

While she’s said “I’m sorry I did Playboy. I was uncomfortable,” {Harper’s Bazaar} Kim Kardashian seems to have used at least one of the same poses for W, and previously disrobed for Harper’s Bazaar so the discomfort seems to have passed.

With it’s wink and nod towards what defines pop art, we’ll have to see if W’s readers feel the same.

A NSFW gallery of Kim Kardashian’s nude magazine appearances.W images via DListed.

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