Lil’ Wayne and Natasha Bedingfield’s Odd NYE Looks: If Everyone Jumped

Every year on New Year’s Eve tons of celebrities make it out to perform at various venues in cities around the world for the so-called biggest celebration of the year. This year, however, a few stars showed up in looks that managed to provide such a distraction that we hardly paid attention to the performances. And not in a good way. In a WTF way.

First up, Natasha Bedingfield. The famous singer with a pocket full of sunshine was one of the lucky ones chosen to perform on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, but she came on stage seemingly stuck in an American Pie moment, with her bangs permanently skewed up and to the left. {Glamour} The good news is Natasha’s long-sleeved LBD had the perfect amount of sparkle and her sheer black stockings were right on trend, but let’s hope the Silly Putty plastered bangs look doesn’t take hold like Lady Gaga’s affection for going pantsless did.

Next, Lil’ Wayne. The Young Money/Cash Money star performed for BET’s 106 & Park New Year’s Eve Party broadcast wearing Designer Jeremy Scott’s teddy bear sneakers created for Adidas’ Originals by Originals line {Sole Collector}. We truly appreciate Scott’s vision and creativity, and we especially admire his willingness to push boundaries, but boy do we hope men and women around the world don’t start wearing stuffed animals on their feet. Lil’ Wayne (who could’ve used a pair of SUBS in the back) can pull the look off, and the press Scott has received as a result of the sneakers’ appearance on NYE television has been unbelievable, but something tells us the ordinary guy or gal would just end up looking a little silly in teddy shoes. Scott’s winged Adidas sneakers, on the other hand, are really cool. You should go buy a pair.

Jeremy Scott's Adidas: Not sure about those on the left, no doubt about the style on the right.

We suppose odd, IEJ-worthy looks are a great way for celebrities to get some extra press once the NYE performance hype dies down, so we can’t totally blame Bedingfield and Lil’ Wayne for their off-beat looks. Just don’t go public with any of this, kids. These are two looks you should only try at home.

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