Pantone’s Fall Colors Are In

Have you stocked up on turquoise items for spring and summer? Good, because a strikingly similar color named “lagoon” makes an appearance in Pantone’s Fall/Winter 2010 color trend palette.

If you’re not one for the blue lagoon shades, fear not as 9 other colors are included in Pantone’s most recent report. From left to right as they appear in the vertical stripes pictured above, there’s Endive, a pale yellow; Golden Glow, which as the name implies is a rich autumn gold; Living Coral, which is, well – coral; Lipstick Red, a berry-tinged shade of red; Purple Orchid, a bright purple; Chocolate Truffle, a purple-hued brown; Lagoon, possibly a sister shade to the Turquoise announced as the “it” color last year; Woodbine, a grassy green; Oyster Gray, a soft gray with a hint of pink; and Rose Dust, a soft pink with a hint of gray.

Lipstick Red, Living Coral, Purple Orchid and Chocolate Truffle are obvious choices for shades likely to pop up in beauty products, with the others more likely to make appearances in clothes on the runway.

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