Runway Duds: Why Don’t You Practice the Fashion You Preach?

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All the hype that surrounds a fashion show helps to propel a brand and solidify a collection’s appeal. People sometimes pay more attention to the shows they couldn’t get into and who was sitting front row. So why, after spending 5 minutes or more telling us how we ought to look, does the designer usually appear at the end in an artists version of scrubs? We get the work factor: they’re toiling away while we enjoy, but show us the style influences you supposedly live by! Some may find the unkempt, thrown together look “above it”, but why not show you follow through with your concept. As Grace Coddington mused in the September Issue “it’s enough that the models are perfect,” so we aren’t asking for a look to compete with the runway walkers, but step it up a notch. Without sounding too motherly here: show your audience you care.

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