Gangster Paradise: Married to the MOB x Lacoste

The sneaker collaborations keep rolling in, with Married to the MOB x Lacoste being the latest.  The drop features the lace-embellished Hironia high-top sneaker, which was apparently inspired by Christian Louboutin’s lacy shoe confections for the ladies.

Now we’re all for gender neutrality, yet we’re having trouble envisioning the demographic that the MOB x Lacoste collab is supposed to pinpoint.  There’s nothing wrong with boys wearing whatever they want — including lace — but we can’t help thinking that the Hironia is completely missing the mark and will sit on shelves much longer than either party would like. Update: we typed too quickly. Married to the Mob and Lacoste’s Louboutin influenced mashup is for the girls. Targeting questions answered, we’re sure these will find their way into the closets of a few active fashionistas who love the look of the red-soled heels, but can’t resign themselves to actually running around town in them.

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