The Invisible Shoe: If Everyone Jumped

Nudes and blushes have been a huge trend of late, and we recently discovered, floating around the blogosphere, a photo of a shoe that takes the naked look one step further. You’ve heard of mirrored sunglasses, right? Sao Paulo designer Andreia Chaves apparently designed shoes that are covered with mirrors – called “The Invisible Shoe” – so they blend in with their surroundings. {Jezebel}

Comfortable? Probably not. But ladies, these shoes go with EVERYTHING.

To be fair, one would not actually look naked in this shoe. Rather, one would look as if their feet had entirely disappeared. We absolutely love it, but we do have a few concerns. For one thing, how do the mirrors on these shoes not break when you walk on hard pavement in them? The floating on air look is beyond cool, but shattered glass? Not so much. Plus, these shoes could be too blinding in very bright sunlight. We were also bummed to learn that these shoes have been around for a while, and Chaves’ final collection was planned for February 2010.

Still, word about the “The Invisible Shoe” has been slowly making its way around the Internet, and it isn’t the only funky footwear Chaves came up with in her time. She also created a high heel made with leather and sycamore wood cubes, called the “Form & Texture” shoe, in addition to shoes made with large straps of Velcro. {Yatzer} Both designs look like something Lady Gaga would wear, and we have to appreciate Chaves’ unique vision, but both also look like they’d be quite difficult to actually walk in.

“The Invisible Shoe” seems like the best of concepts related to sci-fi and pale color palettes combined, but do you think anyone wearing them on the streets would look cool or just strange? We’re undecided.

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