Twits on the Run: Rambler Shoes Tweet Your Every Step

Few social networking sites have swept the country (or at least this country’s media) quite like Twitter. It’s difficult to find a news broadcast not reminding you of the station’s Twitter name, or tying the 140-character social site to political rallies around the world.

To make it easier for addicted tweeters to keep their followers up to date with every step, Rambler shoes are designed to do the work for you. {The Gloss}

The sneaker is built with sensor technology designed to sync with your bluetooth to log each step you take and subsequently post those steps as “taps” on your twitter page for all of your followers to see. {Glamour} The shoes may be technologically advanced, but are we alone in thinking that despite any technology advantage, the shoes are just plain ugly?

We understand that people like to tweet, but every step? We’re not sure if this is the grand invention people had in mind when they rhapsodize about the possibilities of fashion and technology. Twitter is a fun way to share with others, but do people really need to know when and how long you’re walking or at rest? Some messages are better left at 0 characters.

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