The Kardashians Take Soho: Fans Are Happy, Neighbors? Not So Much

Recent W cover girl Kim Kardashian and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney are used to lights, camera and action surrounding their projects, but the crowds that came out for the opening of their New York Dash location were over the top for their new Soho neighbors.

Pretty sure this look isn't sold in store at Dash

Sean Sweeney, director of the Soho Alliance called the Kardashian fans “a generation of classless, tasteless, and clueless sheep” and blamed the sisters for “attempting to bring all that is wrong with Los Angeles to Soho.” {the Cut}

Well, we know one person who won’t be shopping at Dash.

Neighbors aren’t so upset by celebrities hanging out in the area – Mary Anne Cartelli, who lives across from the store notes that John Varvatos and other stores normally have celebrities in attendance at their openings. The Kardashian opening, however, didn’t include sufficient crowd control or security planning to make residents feel like the event was properly managed. She blamed the sisters for tweeting invitations to Twitter followers without actually making any plans for handling the throng of people who showed up without invitations. {the Villager} Indeed, when police arrived, there were arrests made for disorderly conduct.

While Sweeney’s comment is amusing, classless people aren’t exclusive to any city in particular. In spite of their lack of any discernible talent besides photo ops, we can’t knock the Kardashian sisters for using their 15 minutes to boost their business efforts. The opening probably could have been planned better, but at least in the medium term, the attention probably isn’t as bad for business as residents seem to think.

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