Valley of the Dolls: Barbie’s Big Week

Barbie is having the best week ever. Officially a doll of a certain age now, our favorite plastic blond (sorry, Heidi Montag) celebrated her 51st birthday with slightly less fanfare than her 50th, but has still managed to stay in the headlines this year.

Mad Men Become Mad Dolls

Mad Men Barbie DollsMad

Joan, Roger, Don and Betty Dolls

The news we’re most excited about, however, is that Don Draper and Joan Holloway will be immortalized in plastic (the soon to be ex-Mrs. Draper and Roger Sterling as well). If there were any question that Mattel is trying to let you know that playing with dolls isn’t just for kids anymore, this answers it. We aren’t holding our breath for miniature Lucky Strike packs and bottles of alcohol, but we’ll take this collaboration however we can get it.

Though this obviously isn’t meant to be an expansive collection, there are a few additions we’d love to see:

Don Draper Mistress Dolls – this could easily grow to be a collection of its own

Salvatore Romano Ken Doll – if we aren’t going to see him back on the show, we’d bet there are at least a few Sal fans who’d keep him in their fantasy episodes

Miniature Lucky Strike Packs and Alcohol Bottles – we know, not at all appropriate for items that might appeal to younger fans, but c’mon – what’s Mad Men without a cigarette and stiff drink?

Louboutin’s Lady

Happy Birthday Barbie

To celebrate their leading lady’s birthday, Mattel has re-released Superstar Barbie at the 1959 price of $3 (while supplies last, natch). Target is sold out, but Toys ‘R Us still has the discounted doll in stock. Move quickly though, the $3 pricing ends on March 13th.

Louboutin’s Lady

Christian Louboutin Barbie

Christian Louboutin's Cat Burglar Barbie and Dolly Forever Barbie

And in case you missed it, Net-a-Porter put the most recent Louboutin influenced Barbie on sale just a few days ago. This marks two of the three scheduled dolls now available.

Dolly Forever joins Cat Burglar Barbie as a red-soled shoe fanatic, and don’t even think about grabbing this doll for $3. The miniature shoe collection (and doll) will set you back $150.

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