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$50 Nail Polish Sets a New Record

Christian Louboutin $50 Nail Polish

$50. For a new pair of shoes or jeans, it’s a reasonable amount – a bargain, even, depending on the quality and brand. For nail polish though, it’s unheard of. Christian Louboutin will be launching a full, 30-color range of nail polishes on August 31st, but kicked things off with Rouge Louboutin, a red that closely matches […]

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Imran Amed's Signature9

Imran Amed's Signature9
The Business of Fashion editor introduces us to his signature style items

Diane Pernet's Signature9

Diane Pernet's Signature9
Fashion blogger and film festival creator, Diane Pernet, shares nine of her favorite things

Video interview with Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfeld

90 Seconds with Carine Roitfeld
In a Signature9 exclusive, we catch up with the Vogue Paris editor-in-chief

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