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The full ranking includes over 1400 manually reviewed, categorized fashion and beauty blogs with contact information, including Facebook and Twitter pages when available.

STYLE 99 Spring 2012 FULL INDEX
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We started with an index of more than 1400 manually reviewed fashion blogs and beauty blogs from around the world to get to the 99 listed below. Some are from first hand knowledge, others were discovered through countless hours of following blogrolls and network publisher listings.
With each update, we eliminate abandoned or infrequently updated blogs, crunch data and assign a score representative of general content quality, popularity and buzz. The 99 most influential blogs span multiple categories: from the street and personal style of trendsetters around the world, to breaking fashion news and beauty reviews.

More on the methodology

Are these the best fashion blogs? Best is subjective, but it's certainly the best measure of global style influence to date. Simply put, the Style99 is the most comprehensive, objectively measured guide to online fashion media out there. Period.

Spring 2012
Next update: Fall 2012 (September)
99US/American Fashion BlogLe Fashion561151081257
98UK/British Fashion Blogthe Style Scout65119781157
97 Fashion BlogBen Trovato Blog55129119657
96Italian Fashion BlogAnna Dello Russo56129910657
95US/American Fashion BlogMakeup Geek541351310757
94US/American Fashion BlogBag Snob68144117858
93French Fashion BlogPandora56129911658
92US/American Fashion BlogNerd Boyfriend551110815458
91US/American Fashion Blogthe Moment771501541159
90US/American Fashion BlogThe Budget Fashionista67155126859
89German Fashion BlogLes Mads67145138659
88Swedish Fashion BlogFashion Squad56129118859
87US/American Fashion BlogA Continuous Lean671451110659
86US/American Fashion BlogNitrolicious57159106860
85US/American Fashion BlogBloginity64149156660
84Brazilian Fashion BlogChata de Galocha671051281260
83US/American Fashion BlogSLAMXHYPE571531361261
82Brazilian Fashion BlogJust Lia66119138861
81UK/British Fashion BlogVanessa Jackman66119981261
80UK/British Fashion BlogPark & Cube561291081161
79US/American Fashion BlogLove Maegan46139129861
78US/American Fashion BlogInto the Gloss66119119961
77UK/British Fashion Blog5 Inch and Up561091091261
76US/American Fashion BlogSTREETFSN651099101261
75US/American Fashion BlogOn the Runway671551251262
74US/American Fashion BlogBella Sugar69154136962
73US/American Fashion BlogHigh Snobette58139118862
72US/American Fashion BlogThe Fashion Bomb37149138862
71US/American Fashion BlogBluebird Vintage561191081362
70US/American Fashion BlogWhat I Wore571291210762
69US/American Fashion BlogHanneli571391010862
68Finnish Fashion BlogHel Looks661491010762
67US/American Fashion BlogLuxirare571391110762
66US/American Fashion BlogStyle Rookie071491014862
65US/American Fashion BlogWho What Wear681511371363
64Japanese Fashion BlogTokyo Fashion551391191163
63US/American Fashion BlogThe Cobra Snake561591010863
62US/American Fashion BlogPut This On671391010863
61US/American Fashion BlogAtlantic Pacific571191211863
60Japanese Fashion BlogJapanese Streets551491211763
59US/American Fashion BlogP.S. - I Made This...561391013763
58US/American Fashion BlogMakeup and Beauty Blog57149137964
57US/American Fashion BlogThe Purse Blog58155157964
56US/American Fashion BlogIndependent Fashion Bloggers67139138864
55US/American Fashion BlogThe Glamourai671291110964
54Swedish Fashion BlogKenzas551291312864
53US/American Fashion BlogStreet Etiquette671391013664
52US/American Fashion BlogBecause I'm Addicted5712101181265
51US/American Fashion BlogGala Darling571410129865
50French Fashion BlogA Shaded View on Fashion671410910965
49US/American Fashion BlogKarla's Closet6712910111065
48US/American Fashion Blogthe Cut771391511466
47US/American Fashion BlogMTV Style66159156966
46US/American Fashion BlogSheFinds591551371266
45US/American Fashion BlogFashion Indie561591271266
44UK/British Fashion BlogThe Business of Fashion661491281166
43UK/British Fashion BlogRedcarpet Fashion Awards571491310866
42US/American Fashion BlogThe Fashionisto5714513101266
41Filipino Fashion BlogBryan Boy681491110866
40US/American Fashion BlogStreet Peeper671491211766
39US/American Fashion BlogFashionlogie68159138867
38US/American Fashion BlogThis Is Glamorous571391191367
37US/American Fashion BlogCollege Fashion67149149867
36US/American Fashion BlogSea of Shoes671491111967
35US/American Fashion BlogNaturally Curly4101491311667
34French Fashion BlogLe Blog de Betty6101431312967
33US/American Fashion BlogElle News Blog671591361268
32US/American Fashion BlogRacked7101551361268
31US/American Fashion BlogCoco Perez67159148968
30UK/British Fashion BlogShowStudio671591091268
29US/American Fashion BlogTemptalia571591410868
28UK/British Fashion BlogStyle Bubble691591010968
27US/American Fashion BlogAdvanced Style6613101015868
26US/American Fashion BlogStyleite6101591341269
25Spanish Fashion BlogTrendencias591491371269
24Mexican Fashion BlogDutch Fashion BlogStyle Scrapbook5713101312969
23Canadian Fashion BlogJak & Jil691591210970
22US/American Fashion BlogFabSugar6101591471071
21UK/British Fashion BlogFaceHunter6815101013971
20US/American Fashion BlogThe Man Repeller671391315871
19Brazilian Fashion BlogGarotas Estupidas6712101315871
18US/American Fashion BlogHonestly...WTF6613913131272
17US/American Fashion BlogSelectism61015101451373
16US/American Fashion BlogGo Fug Yourself6714914101373
15US/American Fashion BlogA Beautiful Mess57141014101474
14US/American Fashion BlogFashion Toast691491314974
13US/American Fashion BlogNice Kicks591591491475
12French Fashion BlogThe Cherry Blossom Girl6814912131375
11Italian Fashion BlogThe Blonde Salad57131014131375
The Top 10 Most Influential Style Blogs
10US/American Fashion BlogFrom Me to You67151012141276
Recently on From Me to You Hoa đẹp
09US/American Fashion BlogGerman Fashion BlogHigh Snobiety61015101571477
Recently on High Snobiety ASICS' Criminally Underrated Sneaker Enters a Beautiful Villain Era
08US/American Fashion BlogRefinery296101591581477
Recently on Refinery29 This Weekend’s Best Sales, According To R29 Shopping Editors
07US/American Fashion BlogFashion Gone Rogue67151014111477
Recently on Fashion Gone Rogue Alaïa’s Summer 2024 Collection Exudes Effortless Elegance
06US/American Fashion BlogCupcakes and Cashmere58141014131377
Recently on Cupcakes & Cashmere Alaïa’s Summer 2024 Collection Exudes Effortless Elegance
05US/American Fashion BlogStylelist7101591581579
Recently on Stylelist Alaïa’s Summer 2024 Collection Exudes Effortless Elegance
04US/American Fashion BlogFrench Fashion BlogGarance Dore6915914131379
Recently on Garance Dore Alaïa’s Summer 2024 Collection Exudes Effortless Elegance
03US/American Fashion BlogFashionista710151015101481
Recently on Fashionista Alaïa’s Summer 2024 Collection Exudes Effortless Elegance
02US/American Fashion BlogHypebeast61015915121582
Recently on Hypebeast Vanessa Bryant Teases a Nike Kobe 4 Protro "Job's Not Finished"
01US/American Fashion BlogThe Sartorialist710151015141182
Recently on The Sartorialist Fortezza da Basso, Florence

Corrections: Due to a rendering error, Cupcakes and Cashmere and A Beautiful Mess were incorrectly ranked in a previously published version of the Style99. The ranking has been updated to reflect the correct position of both blogs.

Who's Included?

There are a number of websites with related content - think or Chictopia. While we think they're great sites, this ranking is focused solely on blogs, or sites where fashion or beauty blog posts by an identifiable author or authors are responsible for a significant portion of the content. Forums, voting and other sites where content is largely community generated are not included.

Blogs that are part of larger sites - the New York Times' blog the Moment, for example, are ranked solely on their own metrics which are separate from those of the parent site.


PR (PageRank)

Range: 0-10

This is the number that shows up on the little green bar for each blog using the Google Toolbar. An indicator of the number and quality of links to a page. In this case, to the main page of each blog.


LS (Link Score)

Range: 0-10

We take the raw number of backlinks to each blog (minus links from the blog, or related domain) from multiple link reporting tools, establish an average, normalize for network effect for blogs that are part of larger networks, then assign a score on a 10 point scale.

UI (Unique IP Links)

Range: 0-15

Unique IP Links are also based on data from Majestic SEO that identifies the number of unique IP addresses linking to a website.

In the case of networks or larger publishers who own various domain names, unique IP links will (normally) count links from multiple domains on the same server only once.

A (Alexa)

Range: 0-15

Alexa ranks sites by estimating traffic and reach (the percentage of all web users who have visited that particular site). We take their ranking and assign a score on a 15 point scale.

For blogs hosted on popular domains, we estimate Alexa points based on sites with similar characteristics so that the main domain doesn't skew the score. For example, blogs hosted on the New York Times site are estimated independently of the score might receive.

TS (Twitter Score)

Range: 0-10

This ranking is based on how often stories from a blog are mentioned on Twitter. It not related in any way to the number of followers a blog account may or may not have.

FD (Facebook Domain Activity)

Range: 0-15

We take the combination of Facebook Likes, Shares and Comments on a blog and assign a ranking on a 15-point scale to each blog.

This number is independent of the number of fans a particular fan page might have, and in most cases is not directly related to if a blog has a Facebook page at all. The Facebook domain activity score replaces Delicious bookmarks as an indication of the number of people who bookmark or share a blog.

BL (Google Blog Links)

Range: 0-15

Google Blog Links measure the number of blog postings referencing a site. We take the raw number of blog links, weight them based on the number of recent links and assign a score on a 15 point scale.

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